A creative January

January is cold in my workshop, so I tend to spend my time planning for the classes ahead, decorating and sometimes even having an early spring clean. This year has been slightly different. I seem to now have several jobs!
As a natural extension to my craft business I am now running an arts and crafts session once a week for adults with learning difficulties, which is a steep learning curve but great fun – very different to the specialist craft sessions I run here in my garden workshop, it’s much more about getting our hands dirty and being creative just for fun.

Mandala stones

I am also continuing my writing work – today I have been battling with the German Resistance – I didn’t even realise there was one until today! I have also returned to my allotment job at y.e.s, this time around we are working with all age groups so I think it will work out much better. I also continue to work on the craft business, planning dates and doing all the admin involved – fortunately I have found time to do the dreaded tax return.
Oh and then there’s the voluntary stuff…I’ve been painting the old school library as it was looking a bit bare!

All this and I’ve been trying out some sessions for the new jewellery and enamelling club which can be booked here – you don’t need to come each time but it is worked out to give you the opportunity to add to your skills but on a slightly lower budget – based on 2 people attending and a slightly shorter session. Take a look to see which sessions are coming up soon.

Torch fired enamelling