Silver clay magic (classes)

I have been teaching students how to make pure silver jewellery using silver clay for several years now and yet the magic of it never fails to astonish me. I don’t know if it is the versatility of the clay – I love it when students challenge me by saying “Oh I thought I might try to make a….” Generally I am able to find a way to help them achieve this, or perhaps it is just the fact that as you work with the clay it can be difficult to comprehend that it will be PURE silver once fired. I love it when my students do a final polish after firing and say ” Wow it really is silver!” If you’d like to take part in a class, I have added a lot more dates to the website – as it is proving to be very popular this year. My £10 off until June is still running and don’t forget if 2 or more book (my workhshop can only take 3) I will reduce the cost per person. I can come out to larger groups too. My garden workshop os based in Colchester, Essex. These pictures show just a few things my beginner students have made…what would you make?

Where did February go?

As I catchup on some things on my to do list I am left to wonder just where February went? Yes I was busy painting the school library but I am still not convinced someone didn’t just press the fast forward button. Anyway just doing a little work on my website today – I have now created individual booking options for the Spotlight on Enamelling sessions, so it should make things easier to book. Any queries with it, or indeed suggestions on other spotlight sessions you’d like to see, please let me know. As usual you can book online or email me for more details.

10th or 27th March – Enamelled pictures
14th or 24th April – Cloisonne
5th or 24th May – Torch Fired enamel
9th or 26th June – Soldering and metal work
14th or 17th July – Metal texturing including etching