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Felt Making – wet and needle-felting techniques

I just love to make wet felt, it so tactile and colourful, plus once dry felt has such wonderful properties (e.g waterproof, doesn’t fray) that make it excellent for making a variety of lovely things, such as jewellery and bags.

In my one day classes I teach you how to make a piece of wet felt, we also create hollow forms which is a technique that enables you to make items such as handbags without any sewing required!  I also introduce you to embellishing with needle-felting techniques.

In my shorter classes, where there isn’t time to make a piece of wet felt, I show you how to use a piece of pre-made felt into felted flowers.  I also show you how to do needle felting to embellish your work and where there’s time we do a little wet felting to make some beads.

Christmas Felt making

Book a course directly with me. Contact me to book a small (one to one or perhaps a small group of friends) here in Colchester.