Art is good for you

As well as my specialist craft classes for adult craft enthusiasts. I have also been working with a variety of groups providing art activities for more specialized needs. I am not a qualified Art therapist but I do now have a lot of experience in this type of provision and would be happy to discuss your needs either as a one-off class, or regular art activities.

Bright Lives

I worked with Bright Lives for around 5 years, they specialize in providing activities and independent living options for adults with learning difficulties, most especially autism. Here I worked with a variety of adults, adapting art activities to give them opportunities to get creative and develop new skills and confidence.

Dementia and the Elderly

Over the last 18 months I have been working with Tapestry Care Ltd. Providing weekly art actiivities for their dementia afternoon club. It has been a thoroughly rewarding experience and I have learnt a lot about what works for larger groups in a short period of time. I have developed a connection with the group and they really enjoy what they create. One client commented that she’s now doing more art at home in an attempt to get better at it and that she thinks it is really helping slow the progress of her dementia down – of course, this is not scientific proof but there is a lot of documented evidence about keeping active, learning something new and being creative all being good for our mental health and anything above that can only be a positive.


Most recently I have received referrals from Occupational Health Therapists based at Anglia Case Management with regard to one-to-one work with various clients. These sessions can be tailored to specific interests and work well as regular activities, the more I learn about those individuals the more I can tailor activities around that client.

Home Schooling

I am happy to run one-off or semi-regular art/craft activities for Home-schooled children. Do get in touch to discuss your needs and costs.

I am not an expert, but I do have over 15 years’ teaching experience, and a level 3 teaching qualification. I am adaptable, flexible and really love teaching. Get in touch to find out more.