Flaming Flamework day

What lovely hot weather today…what lovely weather to be doing Flamework…mmm maybe not but who doesn’t love a bit of Flamework? I had a lovely day with all my students, passing on the secrets of making glass beads and despite the heat some fantastic beads were made, we melted almost as much as the glass.
This morning http://laparkan.com/buy-vardenafil/ Michelle’s birthday group joined me to make some stunning beads, mainly using blues, greens and purples.

IMG_20160724_105605459 IMG_20160724_124712130 IMG_20160724_123808561

IMG_20160724_161129952 IMG_20160724_161122830 IMG_20160724_161118856
In the afternoon Sue joined me; using her Christmas present voucher. That Teale blue was popular again, maybe it’s the sunshine making us pine for oceans of blue?

IMG_20160724_142031689_HDR IMG_20160724_161249109

Fab work everyone!