More about…making fine silver jewellery using metal clay

Silver clay is magical stuff, it comes in a little mouldable pouch which can be made into stunning ‘hallmarkable’ grade fine silver jewellery; using various tools and textures, once dry it can be fired in a kiln, using a butane torch or even on a gas stove. The binder burns away and the finished result is PURE silver!

It is really as simple as that but it isn’t the cheapest product to use – due to the silver content – so I find students like to come along and have their first go under guidance. They can go away immediately with something wearable.  I can show you tips to finish and polish work so that it comes out just as you want it.

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Follow up classes

Jewellery using the syringe and sheet clay

This class gives you the opportunity to try out syringe and sheet clay which like the patties of clay still produce fine silver once fired.

Silver Clay Rings Class

I also offer a Silver ring class, which takes a bit longer than the beginners class as it takes time to make strong joins. You can really go to town on textures and add embellishments too. Email me to book a date.