All over the place

Life in our house is never boring, quiet, relaxed…

We’ve had a busy half term including trips to the seaside, halloween parties, visiting friends and of course crafting.

I am now back to normal (relatively) and planning the rest of the year and things for 2018.  I am also just taking on some new writing work so we’ll see how that all fits in.  Anyway the main point of this post is to remind you that November is PRICE FREEZE MONTH so if you’d like to book a class, or gift voucher for 2018 now is the time to do it.  I have some dates pencilled in the diary which I will add to the website over the next week but if you are interested in what is on offer, or indeed want to book a date to suit, get in touch and we can have a chat.  Happy crafting. Toni x

Lots of lovely Fish beads

The last couple of weeks have been consumed with tennis in my household and a few little bits in between including two sports days at school (at least I’ll only have to do the Mum’s race once next year!)

I’m now tackling the garden before my silver clay students arrive next week and have to fight through the Forbidden Forest to get to the workshop!

Thought I’d share my glass fish beads that I made recently – any thoughts on what to make with them?

Flamework fancy

Gayle img_20161113_103043joined me today to try out making flamework beads – glass beads made using a hot head torch. We went through various stages, from making a basic donut shaped bead, to pulling stringer, shaping and even trying out the bead presses. Gayle took to the techniques straight away, I can’t wait to see her beads once they come out of the kiln.img_20161113_115934

Flaming Flamework day

What lovely hot weather today…what lovely weather to be doing Flamework…mmm maybe not but who doesn’t love a bit of Flamework? I had a lovely day with all my students, passing on the secrets of making glass beads and despite the heat some fantastic beads were made, we melted almost as much as the glass.
This morning Michelle’s birthday group joined me to make some stunning beads, mainly using blues, greens and purples.

IMG_20160724_105605459 IMG_20160724_124712130 IMG_20160724_123808561

IMG_20160724_161129952 IMG_20160724_161122830 IMG_20160724_161118856
In the afternoon Sue joined me; using her Christmas present voucher. That Teale blue was popular again, maybe it’s the sunshine making us pine for oceans of blue?

IMG_20160724_142031689_HDR IMG_20160724_161249109

Fab work everyone!

Busy days and flamework fun.

I’ve had a busy few weeks of classes (including my first at FSC Flatford Mill), planning and getting organised at home…oh and now the Easter holidays! Today I’ve finally had a chance to have play in my workshop. I have been experimenting with various Flamework tools (lampwork) such as a cabochon mandrel, ribbon mandrel and still my favourite blowpipes! These are some pictures of what I’ve been up to. As these are glass they are now annealing in the kiln to strenghthen them…although I am not sure the flower will survive, I am sure there are a few weak points but it was fun making it.

IMG_20160326_113358852  IMG_20160326_112636974 IMG_20160326_112826734