Encaustic art emergency

I was so pleased to be able to assist Deborah in her emergency today. What can you do when you have some time off and really want to do some crafts?  Call me, I’ll happily try and fit you in!
Deborah had bought an Encaustic art kit from me a while ago but just never seemed to get much time to have a go, today we covered various aspects of Encaustic art and I have no doubt she will combine it with her other artistic skills to create some wonderful work. The picture here shows one of the encaustic pieces she painted today, plus you are also guaranteed a cuppa and an opportunity for a crafty chatter!

One thought on “Encaustic art emergency

  1. Hi Toni, thank you for a fabulous morning. I learnt so much and loved all the techniques we covered. Once home I had a little play, which I posted on FB.
    Looking forward to next week. And thanks again for fitting me in.
    Hugs Debxx

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