Recent classes and creating fish out of glass

It has been so lovely to get through the cold months by sharing my craft experience with so many students. I was delighted to see the monotones in the teardrop enamelled pieces and some of the textures created on the silver clay were amazing. Speaking of texture, we had great fun making felt at Abberton Reservoir on Saturday – some tea cosies, I pad covers and even little friends were made.

Finally today I had the chance to be a little creative myself, using the fabulous ‘Passing the Flame’ as inspiration I made this little fish bead out of glass.  Now back to my creative writing class before school pickup, filming my daughter for the Beano and getting ready for the next classes coming up!



2 thoughts on “Recent classes and creating fish out of glass

  1. Hi Toni, i am looking for a class that will teach me how to enamel on to silver metal clay and to learn lamp work, and it looks like you teach both. I would really like to hear from you.

    Kind Regards

    Hazel Greenhill

    1. Hi Hazel,
      Yes I can teach you both! Have you any experience with silver clay? I do a full day class teaching you how to work with silver clay with enamelling in mind. I can also teach you lampwork beginners as a 3 hour class. If you email me I can give you costs and we can hopefully sort out a date to suit.

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