Welcome to CG Crafts

Want to learn how to make jewellery? Or perhaps you enjoy other crafts? If you are using a mobile click on menu and it should give you options to book, or find out more.

3 thoughts on “Welcome to CG Crafts

  1. Hi Toni, I just wanted to say again how much I enjoyed the felting day on Tuesday. Thank you so much for being prepared to go with my thoughts and ideas during the day. I am really pleased with I managed to achieve during the day with your expert tuition, and the time flew by so fast! I would highly recommend this daay to anybody interested in this skill as a new hobby.

  2. Hi Carol,
    Thanks for the feedback, I’m so happy that you enjoyed yourself. I always try to fit in with what students want to make so I’m really pleased it is valued. I’ve certainly never made a parrot before so it keeps me on my toes! Keep felting. Best wishes, Toni 🙂

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