Special offer on Silver clay class – Sat 20th October

Due to a last minute cancellation I have a special offer on my Silver Clay beginner’s class on 20th October. Price per person is usually £89 including £25 worth of silver clay but for this date only it will be £75 per person. Get in touch as soon as possible if you are interested. Classes run from 10 – 2.30pm – tea, coffee and biscuits included but bring your own lunch. Takes place in my Colchester based workshop.

October already

Once again time has flown by and what was supposed to be a regular blog post is now a couple of months behind. In my defense we have been having a fabulous summer visiting umpteen castles, fighting dinosaurs, crafting, camping and having adventures. Then year 6 kicked in (first trip away from home, 11+, secondary school visits). Finally this week I feel like I am getting back to my to do’s to do list!

Photos from recent classes

Flamework – making glass beads class
Enamelling class
Needlefelting class

So I thought I would start by sharing the news that I am now a calendar girl – in case you’ve missed the announcement and red carpet affair!  I am really delighted to announce that my work was successfully submitted and I am now Miss December in the new PMC Studio Calendar 2019! Here’s a sneaky peak but don’t worry all work is appropriately dressed! 🙂 Copies can be obtained from The PMC Studio …or I think it might be available with an order if you buy your silver clay from them.

Speaking of calendars

Sssshhhh – Christmas is coming….

As it is getting to that time in the year when people start thinking about presents…oh yes! I just wanted to remind you that I offer craft courses vouchers, so if you are stuck for a Christmas present idea… you can either book on my website, or contact me directly. Either way I will send you a personalised gift letter with details of the chosen class and how to book a date to suit. Or perhaps you’d like to suggest to someone what class you’d like to take…

Classes are available in the following crafts – prices vary depending on whether you are booking a class for 1 or 2 but range from around £55 for a half day (Felt or Encaustic art) to £125 for a silver clay rings class. Do email me regarding prices.

Silver clay: Beginners. Rings. Using Syringe and silver sheet clay

Enamelling: Beginners and Further techniques, including cloisonne

Flamework beads: Making glass beads. Beginners and follow ups including sculptural animals.

Encaustic art: Beginners

Feltmaking: Wet felting. Needlefelting or both.

I can also do a general gift letter detailing what is available if you aren’t sure what a person would pick – I can do shorter taster classes if necessary.

What’s coming up at Curly Girly Crafts

I have a busy few months coming up with weekends virtually all booked here at CG Crafts until Christmas. Below are details of venues/classes with some availability.

  • If you live in the Sudbury Area I am teaching Enamelling on Sunday 21st October at Simply Handmade –
    book here
  • I will be helping the Guild of Enamellers again at ExCel during the Hobbycraft show in November – I think it runs from 15th to 17th November and I will be there on Friday 16th, come and say hello – the 30 minute taster session is only about £5!
  • Saturday 24th November and Saturday 15th December are currently free for students to book a class – get in touch if you fancy a Saturday class in any of the crafts I offer.
  • I am teaching at FSC Flatford Mill on 1st (Enamelling) and 2nd December (Christmas Feltmaking) – Booking page
  • I also offer weekdays for classes so get in touch if you’d like to book a date to suit – usually Tuesday, Thursdays or Fridays are best.  Price per person is reduced if more than one person comes.

And finally…I am doing a little bit of learning myself this term. I have just enrolled in pottery.  I’ll let you know how that goes.

Happy crafting and if you have any questions please do get in touch.




New: Syringe and ‘Sheet’ silver clay classes

I admit it, having not had a chance to play around with syringe clay I was a little wary of it but now I just can’t get enough. I have a little amount left in my syringe and every time I run a class – there have been quite a few lately – I find myself thinking…oooh I could add some syringe clay to this! If you are interested I run a combined class for syringe and sheet clay so get in touch to find out more. Prices vary depending if you want me to cover both or just one aspect and of course on whether you bring a friend. 

My goodness it’s been a busy few months

Apologies for not posting my blog for a while, this year has been a really busy one for Curly Girly Crafts, I’ve run more classes in the last few months than I had envisaged for the year but it is all good fun.  I’ve just come back from teaching a weekend Jewellery class at FSC Flatford Mill – pictured here or rather Willy Lott’s cottage is – alongside some of the pieces my students made on the silver clay part of the class.  It always seems to be a sunny weekend when I teach there so let me know if you’d like to know when the weather is going to be good next year – I do have the dates booked. 🙂

In other news, I am now looking at expanding my silver clay repertoire with some syringe and silver sheet clay sessions – the first is tomorrow! I’ll let you know how we get on.

Summer is coming so whilst I don’t anticipate getting any extra time for blogposts I will try to continue posting student work on Facebook and Twitter – do get in touch if you fancy learning something new!


Still time to take advantage of £10 off silver clay classes

Caroline joined me again today to take advantage of my £10 off one-to-one silver clay classes. As Caroline tends to prefer one to one classes we have a chat before the class and really tailor lessons to suit her. Today we fixed some earrings using silver oil paste, made moulds using silicon putty and enamelled some silver pieces she’d made in a previous class…all before her taxi arrived promptly at 2.30pm…just! If you’d like to tailor a class, email me to find out more.

Silver clay magic (classes)

I have been teaching students how to make pure silver jewellery using silver clay for several years now and yet the magic of it never fails to astonish me. I don’t know if it is the versatility of the clay – I love it when students challenge me by saying “Oh I thought I might try to make a….” Generally I am able to find a way to help them achieve this, or perhaps it is just the fact that as you work with the clay it can be difficult to comprehend that it will be PURE silver once fired. I love it when my students do a final polish after firing and say ” Wow it really is silver!” If you’d like to take part in a class, I have added a lot more dates to the website – as it is proving to be very popular this year. My £10 off until June is still running and don’t forget if 2 or more book (my workhshop can only take 3) I will reduce the cost per person. I can come out to larger groups too. My garden workshop os based in Colchester, Essex. These pictures show just a few things my beginner students have made…what would you make?

Where did February go?

As I catchup on some things on my to do list I am left to wonder just where February went? Yes I was busy painting the school library but I am still not convinced someone didn’t just press the fast forward button. Anyway just doing a little work on my website today – I have now created individual booking options for the Spotlight on Enamelling sessions, so it should make things easier to book. Any queries with it, or indeed suggestions on other spotlight sessions you’d like to see, please let me know. As usual you can book online or email me for more details.

10th or 27th March – Enamelled pictures
14th or 24th April – Cloisonne
5th or 24th May – Torch Fired enamel
9th or 26th June – Soldering and metal work
14th or 17th July – Metal texturing including etching

£10 off silver clay classes until June

Silver clay seems to be really popular at the moment, maybe it’s because no matter how many times you make a piece of jewellery with it, you never quite believe it is pure silver until the final polishing occurs…pure magic!
To celebrate the wonder that is silver clay I am offering £10 off all full price silver clay classes until the end of June – and if more people book there are further reductions to be made! A winner all around.

Don’t forget I also offer Enamelling (including the budget saving monthly spotlight on various techniques), Flamework, Feltmaking and Encaustic art.  Small classes (3 maximum) so plenty of one to one attention.  Book here or email me if you prefer to pay by bank transfer or cheque.  A deposit of £25 secures booking and the balance can be paid on the day of the class.

A creative January

January is cold in my workshop, so I tend to spend my time planning for the classes ahead, decorating and sometimes even having an early spring clean. This year has been slightly different. I seem to now have several jobs!
As a natural extension to my craft business I am now running an arts and crafts session once a week for adults with learning difficulties, which is a steep learning curve but great fun – very different to the specialist craft sessions I run here in my garden workshop, it’s much more about getting our hands dirty and being creative just for fun.

Mandala stones

I am also continuing my writing work – today I have been battling with the German Resistance – I didn’t even realise there was one until today! I have also returned to my allotment job at y.e.s, this time around we are working with all age groups so I think it will work out much better. I also continue to work on the craft business, planning dates and doing all the admin involved – fortunately I have found time to do the dreaded tax return.
Oh and then there’s the voluntary stuff…I’ve been painting the old school library as it was looking a bit bare!

All this and I’ve been trying out some sessions for the new jewellery and enamelling club which can be booked here – you don’t need to come each time but it is worked out to give you the opportunity to add to your skills but on a slightly lower budget – based on 2 people attending and a slightly shorter session. Take a look to see which sessions are coming up soon.

Torch fired enamelling

Book a Craft Class for that last minute winning gift!

It’s still not too late to book a craft experience voucher with me for a Christmas gift – prices range from £50 upwards depending on the course and duration – all are detailed on my website. A craft experience is a fabulous gift for any crafty friend or family member, especially as they will take something home that they’ve made as well as picking up a new skill, all organised at dates to suit them.

These classes are available:

Enamelling (glass jewellery)

Flamework (making glass beads)

Feltmaking (needle and wet felting)

Encaustic art (painting with molten wax)

Silver clay (making pure silver jewellery).

Payment can be made in the following ways. You can pay online at www.curly-girly.co.uk via Paypal. I can send you an izettle invoice to be paid by card.  Or via bank transfer. Once paid I will email over a gift letter detailing exactly what they will learn in a class and how to book a date to suit.  Don’t forget to give me the details of who the gift is for and who is sending it so that this can be included in the personalised letter.  What are you waiting for?

New dates for 2018

2018 DATES at CG Crafts, Colchester

I’ve been busy with the diary this morning – blocking in dates for scheduled classes but don’t forget if you have a gift voucher, or just want to book a date to suit, get in touch and I will try to tailor the class day and content to suit.

Price shown is for one but if more come the price per person is reduced so even more reason to bring a friend!
Sat 3rd Feb 10 – 2.30pm Silver Clay Beginners (incl 10g PMC3) £ 95*
Sat 10th Feb/ Tues 27th Feb Enamelling & Jewellery Club (see dates below) £ 60*
Sat 24th Feb 10 – 4.30pm Silver Clay Rings £125*
Sun 25th Feb 10 – 1pm Flamework (making glass beads) £ 75*
Sat 17th March 10 – 3.30pm Feltmaking £85*
Sat 24th March 10 – 2.30pm Silver Clay Beginners £95*
Sun 25th March 10 – 1pm Flamework £75*
Sat 21st April 10 – 3.30pm Encaustic art £85*
Sun 22nd April 10 – 1pm Flamework £75
Sat 26th May 10 – 2.30pm Silver Clay £95*
Sat 2nd June 10 – 3.30pm Enamelling £95*
Sat 16th June 10 – 2.30pm Silver Clay £95
Sun 17th June 10 – 1pm Flamework £75

NEW FOR 2018 – Enamelling and Jewellery club

Monthly classes (one Saturday or one weekday) to develop both your Enamelling and Jewellery making skills. Contact me for more details.
£60 per person (I need 2 minimum to run) £46.50 each for 3.
£5 discount when booking 3+ sessions.
2nd Saturday of each month with the exception of May. 10 – 2pm
Sat10th Feb or Tues 27th Feb– Enamelling (the Basics)
Sat 10th March or Tues 27th March – An Enamelled Tile/picture
Sat 14th April or Tues 24th April – Cloisonné
Sat 5th May or Thurs 24th May – Torch Fired enamel
Sat 9th June or Tues 26thJune – Soldering
Sat 14th July or Tues 17th July – Student’s choice

Where does the time go?

I am always amazed at how quickly time flies, especially at this time of year. One minute we are settling the children in after the summer holidays and the next minute, the planning for our families November birthdays and then Christmas events galore…it seems only moments ago I thought I had ages to get my prototypes made for Christmas fairs…to be fair for once I have actually made some Christmas themed jewellery but never in the amount I was planning….ah well there’s always next year!

I thought I’d share a few photos from some recent classes/events with you.

Last week I taught at the beautiful Flatford Mill (Constable country), we did a full day of Encaustic art and these are some of the resulting pictures. For next year’s classes at Flatford Mill see their website.

I also helped run some taster sessions at the Craft event at ExCel London, last Friday, resulting in some lovely enamelled pieces.

Plus there’s the classes in my garden workshop, recently I have done some Encaustic classes as well as a tailoring a class to a request for enamelling on silver clay and embedding stones.   I really love the clock, which was made using a mould and an old piece of costume jewellery.

Don’t forget all of these classes can be booked either on my website or by emailing me so that we can tailor dates and times to suit. Prices per person are reduced the more people that attend, a perfect excuse to bring a friend or two.  Gift vouchers are also available directly from me – I write you a gift letter, detailing the class and how to book.