Black Friday weekend Offer

Oh go on then I will do an offer plus something new!
I’m offering £10 off the price of full day class vouchers from Friday 27th November to Saturday 5th December 2020. Book now to avoid missing out.
New for 2021! I’m now offering Zoom classes for 2021 – 2 hour gift vouchers available now.

Unique silver jewellery

New ways to shop this Christmas

Are you feeling Christmas ready? I know I’m not! I am trying to think of where to hide the presents I’ve already bought, whilst stopping my kittens getting into the boxes and destroying the contents – they do believe a box arrives everyday in this house!

What I now need to do is tell you about what my small business can offer you for Christmas!

I teach small classes in Colchester – these are not your bog standard classes but more specialised crafts: Enamelled Jewellery, Silver Clay Jewellery (fine silver), Encaustic art, Felt making and Flamework (making glass beads). My workshop fits 2 people for a class (not including me), comfortably so if you are worried about mixing in big groups you don’t need to. I offer a gift letter for you to purchase a class but detailing how the recipient can book a date to suit them. These classes are intended for adult crafters who have already done the usual things and are looking for something a bit more challenging.
You can book class vouchers here, or by emailing me. I have a few handcrafted items on sale here too.

I also make jewellery for sale. My Etsy shop is up and running and you can buy items here – if you are local get in touch as I may be able to offer delivery rather than posting items out.

I also have items for sale at EJart Creative in Woodbridge – the sell online and will also be open for business from 2nd December.

Next week Colcheco will be opening and will have a selection of my work.

This weekend I will be taking part in A Handcrafted Business online fair which will give you details of lots of lovely handcrafted items – I’ll post the link later.

That’s all for now, never have there been more ways to shop from the luxury of your own home!

Keep safe and keep in touch. Toni

Still I wonder where the time has gone

This year has been a strange one for all of us. We’ve all been hit in different ways and it’s important to acknowledge this rather than simply ignore it and hope it goes away.

However we do need to take our minds off things and that is where I find doing something creative really helps. I’m not going to hark on to much but do remember a craft class does make a great present and something nice to look forward to in 2021! You can book vouchers here.

I’ve also updated my Etsy shop so if you fancy buying some unique jewellery (and greetings cards) do take a look.

Finally, if you are an enameller, I have just uploaded a little video to my Youtube channel showing you how to remove fired enamel (Pam East solution that I have meant to get around to trying for a while).

Enjoy and keep well folks.

Nought to sixty

Having been effectively grounded for a while it feels like I’m speeding into doing everything at once again! Anyone else feel like that? The weekly art class I teach at Bright Lives started up again unexpectedly – if anyone has ideas for art for the visually impaired I’d love to hear from you – it is challenging my brain at the moment – one of the others in the group has ADHD so I need something engaging for her too. I’d really love to give them a opportunities to grow their skills.

I am just printing out notes for the second of 2 part time classes that I am teaching at EJart in Woodbridge – this one is enamelling on silver clay – which I love to teach as it always astounds me what people create in such a short length of time. Plus the range of ideas people have! You can never go wrong with a partnership of silver and glass!

On Sunday I am welcoming in two ladies to have their first go at Encaustic art. The were gifted a voucher for this class as a thank you present for helping their children plan their wedding. I love the joy students get out of this artform – especially when they aren’t entirely sure what they have been signed up for! If you like the sound of Encaustic art – the next group class is at Simply Handmade in Sudbury on 17th October. See pictures below for ideas of what you can paint with molten wax (Encaustic art).

Plus there’s all the planning going on in the background – can you hear my head whirling…or maybe that’s the kittens getting up to no good! Best have a look.

Do get in touch if you’d like to book vouchers for Christmas or birthday gifts, or just want to treat yourself to a bit of creative time. Best wishes, Toni

Creativity Update

Ready for learning

Getting the tools ready

Well it has been some time since I last blogged. I think like quite a lot of people, I lost my way sometime in lockdown and am slowly coming to terms with how this new World currently looks, including getting back to running my small business and getting my children into school. Still there are plenty of positives. My workshop is now happily saying hello to students again. I have visors, disinfectant etc, and am always happy to discuss any of your Covid concerns before you book a visit – although I may not be able to help with the furlough scheme, sorry about that.

What has changed

Some of my course fees may have changed as I look at options for advertising them. However, this is not all bad news. If you wish to book a tailored class with me and do this by contacting me directly this cuts down on my advertising costs and I like to reward word of mouth and loyalty! Email me if you want to book follow on classes, themed classes, dates to suit etc. I love doing those anyway and it gives me a chance to see if some themes would work for my regular classes.

Dates coming up soon
I continue to teach classes here at CG Craft Colchester – mainly with dates to suit to keep numbers (and households) to a minimum so contact me to organise a date. I am currently working through the PMC (Silver clay) Certification levels 1 – 3 so have some new tricks to teach you as well as plenty of enamelling techniques, felting, encaustic art and flamework (glass rings) lessons for you to try. Email I have even printed my first greeting card collection which is on sale at the gallery shop at EJ Art,Woodbridge and also Pink Giraffe Pottery, Great Bentley. I also hope to add them online soon.

EJ Art, Woodbridge
Enamelling on Silver Clay – 2-part class 1st and 8th October – 10 – 1pm. Create a piece with recesses or texture to enamel. Book here
Silver paste leaf and coiled jewellery using silver clay sheet – This was a 3-part class (part one has been but it’s ok to still join us at a slightly reduced fee for part 2 (31st Nov) and part 3 (14th November). 10 – 12.30 Enquire

Coiled jewellery from silver clay sheet
Coiled jewellery from silver clay sheet

FSC Flatford Mill

Jewellery weekend at FSC Flatford Mill
My annual jewellery weekend class which includes Enamelling and silver clay over a weekend runs on 4th to 6th December. This is a great way to socialise and pick up lots of skills over a relaxed weekend – I say relaxed we do make a lot of jewellery. Book here

• (Christmas) Feltmaking at FSC Flatford Mill

12th December. 9.30 to 4pm.
To be fair although Christmas is in the title, I am happy just to teach you feltmaking – needle and wet felting. You can make a Spring Wreath; a needle felted animal or simply learn how to wet felt a picture. Book here


If you have an outstanding gift voucher, or indeed want to book one for ….. the dreaded word a Christmas present. Do get in touch. As my home workshop only fits about 3 people and I am offering one to one (I really am great value 🙂 ) or a joint booking with your own approved bubble (i.e Family or friends) you can rest assured you are not going to mix with a lot of people in these classes and I am happy to put in any further measures (within reason) to help make you feel secure. If you want to hold on to your voucher to use at a later date, that is also of course fine – do get in touch as we may be able to pencil in a date for 2021 – it helps with my course planning but of course you will not be held to that date if the situation changes.

I look foward to seeing some familiar (and new) faces again very soon. Keep well and safe.

Media Sensation

Haha, I’m hardly that but I have been doing some creative things that have somehow or other managed to get a little attention. On 3rd May I appeared on the radio (BBC Essex you need to scroll to 35 mins in) reading one of my short stories and next week I have been invited to run an online class for the first time.

Of course we’ve all been doing the usual lockdown stuff here:

Gardening (had to stop as I have at least 2 bags of garden waste and no collections)


Clearing out (again had to stop as too many bags for charity shop)

Schoolwork help

Creative writing


Making masks etc.

And so on.

I’ve also been thinking a lot about how to teach online if lockdown continues to prohibit classes so Tuesday will give me a chance to try it out. One of the problems I have is that I teach specialist crafts that need equipment such as a kiln and hands on help plus they aren’t necessarily things you can easily do at home. Felt making is much easier and so that’s probably the first thing I’ll think about doing online. I may also run classes specificially for students who do have equipment at home, so get in touch if you’d like me to teach you via this method – it would be good to experiment!

Metal Embossing class

The class will be hosted by Shopkeeparty and is free. There is an equipment list but no kilns involved, it should all be items you have around the house – a great way to recycle takeaway foil trays. It is suitable for both adults and children. Register here.

Keep safe, well and crafty and looking forward to seeing you on the other side. Best wishes, Toni


Wishing you well during unsettled times

I just wanted to wish all my fellow crafters a well, safe and creative time during this difficult period.

If you have a class booked and I haven’t already messaged you, please accept my apologies for not getting in touch but obviously given the current lockdown I will be out of action for a couple of months at least. I will postpone anything booked and we’ll reschedule dates as soon as it’s safe to do so. If you are interested in classes, I am happy to pencil in dates but for much later in the year.

I am planning to post a few videos on YouTube – which is a great source of crafting and other info so do check it out if you are looking for creative inspiration (not necessarily from me!)

This is the link to my channel

Do get in touch if you are stuck at home and have any questions regarding the crafts I teach but most of all keep safe and well and I look forward to seeing you on the other side.

Toni x

Art classes and planning classes

I always dread the winter months, so for the last couple of years I have started January with some courses, it’s always good to learn and as a teacher it is always good to refresh what it feels like to be a learner – no matter what you learn. Today I finished a 7 week art class, and I  went on a sewing class earlier in the month and I am also doing a creative writing course! Now spring is on its way, I am  thinking of ways to transfer what I have learnt to my crafts, especially my enamelled pictures, I’ve also had fun introducing new mediums to my Bright Lives Art group.

What’s coming up

Silver clay beginners including making your own moulds at EJart Creative, Woodbridge on Thurs 5th March.

Enamelling including adding metal textures at FSC Flatford Mill (13th to 15th March)

Plus lots more. See my class pages for more details and don’t forget I am always happy to offer tailored classes to build on your skills as well as dates to suit.

Buy a craft experience this Christmas

Enamelled examples

Just a reminder that it’s not too late to book a craft class or buy a craft class voucher for Christmas. I can email over a tailored letter almost until the bells chime for Christmas day! Indeed I think once I got my request from Santa so late it was on the very day!  I run classes in Enamelling, Felt Making, Silver Clay Jewellery, Encaustic art and Flamework…so everything for an ethusiastic crafter…jewellery, glass and art!  Email me to find out more or book a voucher directly on the book a class page.  My Etsy shop is still open if you are local (Colchester) you can always pop along and pick up.

2020 Class dates (so far)

Classes with Toni – 2020 dates

Just some ideas of enamelled pieces you could make in a class

Classes and class gift vouchers make excellent presents for crafty people and people who are hard to buy for/don’t want anymore ‘stuff’.

Classes at CG Crafts are bookable on my website or for external venues see details below.

Sat 25th Jan 10 – 2pm Silver Clay beginners £89 Per person CG Crafts –
Weds 29th January 10 – 2pm Silver Clay beginners £89 per person CG Crafts – SOLD OUT

Contact me to organise dates (weekdays or weekend) to suit in January – 01206 973753

Sat 1st Feb 10 – 3.30pm Enamelling beginners Contact venue –
Simply Handmade, Sudbury
01787 827117
Thurs 6th Feb 10.30 – 4.30pm Enamelling Beginners £90 EJart Creative (Woodbridge, Suffolk)
01473 735007
Fri 7th Feb 10 to 2pm Silver Clay 89.00 CG Crafts
My home workshop in Colchester where I also offer dates to suit.
07847 098849
Sun 9th Feb 10 – 3pm Enamelling The Studio Ipswich
07521 665449

Weds 12th Feb 10 – 2.30pm Feltmaking – needle and wet £85.00 CG Crafts – –
Sat 15th Feb 10.30 – 3.30pm Encaustic Art 90.00 EJart Creative (Woodbridge, Suffolk)
01473 735007
Sat 22nd Feb 10 – 2pm Silver Clay £89.00 CG Crafts  –
Sun 23rd Feb 10 – 3pm Enamelling – Cloisonne £85.00 CG Crafts – –
Contact me to organise dates (weekdays or weekend) to suit in February – 01206 973753

Thurs 5th March 10.30 – 3pm Silver Clay EJart Creative (Woodbridge, Suffolk)
01473 735007
Sat 7th March 10 – 3.30 Enamelling 85.00 CG Crafts
My home workshop in Colchester where I also offer dates to suit.
07847 098849
Sun 8th March 10 – 3pm Encaustic art The Studio Ipswich
07521 665449
13th to 15th March Weekend class Enamelling weekend incl Cloisonne FSC Flatford Mill
01206 297110
Sat 21st March 10.30 to 4.30pm Enamelling 90.00 EJart Creative (Woodbridge, Suffolk)
01473 735007
Sat 28th March 10 – 2pm Silver Clay Beginners 89.00 CG Crafts
My home workshop in Colchester where I also offer dates to suit.
07847 098849
Sun 29th March 10 – 2PM Silver Clay The Studio Ipswich
07521 665449
Contact me to organise dates (weekdays or weekend) to suit in March – 01206 973753

Sun 5th April 10 – 3.30pm Encaustic art 85.00 CG Crafts
My home workshop in Colchester where I also offer dates to suit.
07847 098849
Sat 18th April 10 – 3.30pm Feltmaking 85.00 CG Crafts
My home workshop in Colchester where I also offer dates to suit.
07847 098849
Weds 22nd April 10 – 2.30pm Encaustic art £85.00 CG Crafts –
Thurs 23rd April 10.30 to 3.30pm Enamelling on silver clay EJart Creative (Woodbridge, Suffolk)
01473 735007

Sat 2nd May Needle Felted Animals Twixt Time and Tide, Maldon
07712 420100

Sat 6th June 9.30 to 5pm Silver Clay day FSC Flatford Mill
01206 297110
Sun 7th June 9.30 to 5pm Encaustic art day FSC Flatford Mill
01206 297110
Sat 13th June 9 to 1pm Silver Clay Simply Handmade, Sudbury
01787 827117
Sat 20th June 10.30 to 3.30pm Silver Clay EJart Creative (Woodbridge, Suffolk)
01473 735007
Contact me to organise dates (weekdays or weekend) to suit in June, July, August and September – 01206 973753

Sat 17th Oct 10 to 1pm Encaustic art Simply Handmade, Sudbury
01787 827117

Sun 1st Nov 10 to 3.30pm Enamelling Simply Handmade, Sudbury
01787 827117

4th to 6th Dec Weekend Class Jewellery weekend -Enamelling and Silver clay FSC Flatford Mill
01206 297110
Sat 12th Dec 9.30 to 5pm Christmas Feltmaking FSC Flatford Mill
01206 297110

Christmas ideas for Crafty people

Greeting from Miss December!

Here is my work featured on the December page of the PMC calendar! It was so lovely to be chosen. 🙂

My goodness it has been a busy week consisting of 2 busy classes in Woodbridge, 2 Christmas market events and my usual weekly art session at Bright Lives and that’s just the work side! Today I merely have a commission to finish, a prototype commission to complete to check with my customer, setting up for tomorrow’s class….
Anyway that aside I just wanted to remind you of 3 ideal Christmas gifts you can get from me for yourself or a crafty friend.
1) A crafting gift voucher – I provide a tailored letter, it can be for a specific session, or you may want the recipient to choose – just get in touch and I can talk you through options.
2) I am continually added more unique items to my ETSY shop, so if you would like a piece of unique enamelled or silver jewellery please take a look.
3) I can now offer a service which converts our children’s drawings into silver jewellery – price will depend on how much silver is required but do get in touch to find out more.

Purchase vouchers online

Purchase jewellery on ETSY

If you prefer a real shop my jewellery can be purchase from EJaRT Creative in Woodbridge.

Merry Christmas! Toni